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Chemicals for Agricultura
Safely and efficiently.

One thing which we must have to live is FOOD.

Meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and Japan's primary staple food, rice are plentiful and available in all of Japan. Agrichemicals are important in the propagation and farming of rice, fruits and vegetables. The surfactants we produce are used as aids in dispersing agrichemicals uniformly and with ease.

Our research is focused on developing surfactants for agrichemicals which are safe and allow for efficient use of agrichemicals. While many agrichemicals do not have a good public image, the products we produce allow them to be used in the smallest quantities possible and with maximum coverage efficiency. Agrichemicals and surfactants which are considered safe for the environment and provide labor-saving options for the farmer are in demand. Our company is researching new surfactants in order to meet such needs.

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