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Chemicals for Plastics & Film
  • Update(JAN, 2012)

    LAK-301was adopted as a key component in Ingeo(TM) 3801X (NatureWorks, PLA resin) formulation
    Nature Works

PLA resin formulation

From aerospace to food packaging, plastics have an impact in our daily lives.

Plastic is the main component in many tools and products we use throughout our life.
As good as it is, it also has some weak points, such as:
- Easily builds up a static charge
- Physical properties begin to decline even after only a few days.
We offer solutions to help you overcome the problems and weaknesses of plastic.

weak points

Anti-static agent
Anti-fogging agent
Anti-fogging agent
UV abosorbant

Others:Releasing agentAdhesive binder(primary coating)・hydrophilic agent・Anti dew drops coating for greenhouse・and Flame retardant


Landscape Development

With a lot of lab-size machinery and analysis equipment, we can support a variety of our customer's needs, from the fundamental development stage through commercial application.

Because of our extensive knowledge and capability, we can assist in the development of test standards and develop new, innovative technologies in partnership with our customers.

We are confident that we can properly support our customers with regular communication, value-added solutions development and our technological driven philosophy.



ELECUT and ELECUTMASTER series (Anti-static and Anti-fogging agent)

  • Product:


  • Application:

    Anti-static masterbatch for PE films

  • Advantages:

    This product offers controlled migration of the active ingredients. With the proper level of loading onto the surface layer of multi-layered film, it provides good anti-static effect for a long period of time.

Test Example:ELECUTMASTER L-250 for 3-layer PE films.

  • Product:

    ELECUT S-418

  • Application:

    Anti-static agent for PC resin

  • Advantages:

    This product has good heat stability and anti-static effect while maintaining good transparency.

Test example:ELECUT S-418 for PC injection molding.

LAK series (Nucleating agent)

  • Product:


  • Application:

    Nucleating agent for PLA resin

  • Advantages:

    This product provides higher crystallinity for PLA resin at lower loading amounts compared with a typical talc.
    LAK-301was adopted as a key component in Ingeo(TM) 3801X (NatureWorks, PLA resin) formulation
    Nature Works

Test Example:LAK-301 for PLA injection molding

Additive loading cooling time crystallizing temperature
None - >300sec. -
LAK-301 1% 55sec. 108.0degC
ref. Talc 10% 75sec. 92.5degC

ELECUT series (UV absorber)

  • Product:

    ELECUT ZA-101

  • Application:

    UV absorber for PET and PC resins.

  • Advantages:

    This product has good heat stability and good durability to weather exposure tests at low loading amounts.

Test example:UV absorption data


ELECUT series (Anti-static and Anti-fogging agent)

  • Product:

    ELECUT C-031L

  • Application:

    Anti-static coating agent for a variety of general purpose resins.

  • Advantages:

    This product has food contact approval in Japan( JHOSPA)
    It provides good long-term anti-fogging performance with lower friction and good releasing effect.

Test Example:ELECUT C-031L for A-PET thermoforming tray

Product anti-fogging effect COF*(static/kinetic)
ELECUT C-031L very good 0.26/0.19
ref. Sugar esters type very good 0.42/0.34

* COF: Coefficient of Friction

  • Product:

    ELECUT C-011

  • Application:

    Anti-static agent for PS films.

  • Advantages:

    This product has food contact approval in Japan(JHOSPA).
    It offers good durability for stretching processes and ink-printing with no back-transfer of ink.

Test example: ELECUT C-011 for PS shrinkable film

Product Surface resistivity after back transfer test
Coated side other side
ELECUT C-011 4x109ohm/sq. 2x1010ohm/sq. >1014ohm/sq.
  • Product:

    ELECUT C-077A

  • Application:

    Anti-static agent for PET resin.

  • Advantages:

    This product has very good heat stability (> 250degC). It offers good durability for stretching processes and good Anti-static effect even under low humidity conditions.

Test Example:ELECUT C-077A for BOPET film

Product Surface resistivity
20degC,65%R.H. 20degC,30%R.H.
ELECUT C-077A 3x109ohm/sq. 8x1010ohm/sq.

ELECUT Series (Releasing agent, Adhesive binder, Slip agent)

  • Product:

    ELECUT XC-133

  • Application:

    Releasing agent for PET film.

  • Advantages:

    These product are water base coating.
    By mixing the products at the right ratio, provide good strength to the coated skin layer and a very low level of undesired transferring to the counter adhesive surface.

Test Example:ELECUT XC-133 for PET film

Product T-peel strength Remaining adhesion ratio
ELECUT XC-133 0.10N/25mm 95%
  • Product:

    ELECUT YE-205

  • Application:

    Adhesive binder for PET film.

  • Advantages:

    This product provides a good durability of Al-metallization and good cohesion with UV-ink.

Test Example:ELECUT YE-205 for metallized BOPET film

Product T-peel strength Ink cohesion
ELECUT YE-205 4N/15mm good

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